Planning 2018

Subject to change

A theme to be taught at each course. All courses will start at 10am.

MORNING : Musicality workshops for musicians, singers and dancers.

AFTERNOON :The musical listening lecture, solo course with Ksenia and lindy-hop with live musicians in class !!!

Work Topics 2018

Saturday, April 28: The rhythm in all its states

Singing lessons with Stéphane will focus on rhythmic work and scat. Body percussion with Isabelle will be a good way to discover the riches of rhythm. The solo lessons with Ksenia and Angie will explore rhythmic subtleties through jazz roots. In music workshop, syncopations and riffs will be honored pieces worked. Gildas will offer you his theatrical improvisation class which is an excellent start in the festival to let go and give yourself a space of freedom to learn to learn, to feel, to share differently.

The quintet Rhythm Outlines which regularly accompanies Cédric and Caroline will propose you a conference during which the different rhythms of the New Orleans with the swing will be shelled, the rhythmic accompaniment, the riffs …

Sunday, April 29: Structures, peaches, accents and breaks

During singing, Stéphane Seva will address the composition sung in chorale. The taps with Isabelle will highlight the peaches and accents to give more relief to your rhythmic variations. Ksenia and Angie will teach you to showcase your Jazz roots steps by using the structure of music and its richness. The music workshop will allow amateur musicians to highlight the pieces played while working on peaches, accents and breaks. Because this workshop is highly acclaimed, Gildas will still offer you a theatrical improvisation course which is a great way to let go and give yourself a space of freedom to learn to learn, to feel, to share differently.

The Swing Shouters with energy and overflowing generosity is not to present. They will propose you a conference at the end of which the place of the breaks, accents etc. in a piece will have no more secrets for you.

Monday, April 30th: Improvisation

During singing, the work with Stéphane will focus on the structure of a piece and the vocal application, on the interpretation and appropriation of a standard. For those who have not had the chance to try Isabelle’s body percussion workshop on Saturday, a new opportunity comes Monday morning with a focus on improvisation techniques. Angie will offer you a solo class to unleash your creativity in jazz roots improvisation. Preparing, organizing and playing in a jam session will be the highlight of the music workshop. Fabien and Lucile with the blues and Audrey with the shag will open the doors of other rhythms, other swing dances.

Ksénia and her husband David Duffy, accompanied by the musicians supervising the morning music workshops, animate this conference. They will introduce you to the rules that musicians follow in order to play Jam Cession together and how the dancer can use it.

IMPORTANT Unfortunately, teachers can miss their flight or get sick. In this case we obviously can not guarantee their presence and we reserve the right to modify the schedule and / or the teachers if necessary.