The first Musicality Event

April 27th - May 1st 2018 , Orléans - France


Musicality ?

Make one with the music

At la Jam, we work on 4 topics

Anchoring and deepening rhythm

Rhythm, it is the dancing's base! We will work and play with it in all its forms and as many tools as possible thanks to morning workshops and Lindy courses.

Let it go

Get out of acquired reflexes and passes, to become a better dance. This long-term work will be mainly approached during morning workshops and parties.

Understand music

Gain in comfort in your dance, thanks to essential contributions during conferences and lindy courses with live musicians!

Enriching and adapting your dance

Make music a creative medium, thanks to precise themes during Lindy's courses with live musicians


Releasing your social dance ...



Create your own dance INSTEAD OF COPYING




Why come to La Jam?

Why come to La Jam?

Especially not !

This is a reason to come, but if it was the only one you would miss next to something ...

Exactly! This is the reason number one to come to La Jam: discover a new way of dancing, two,dancers together, interpreting music with your whole body and with your partner.


  • 24 hours after ... back home ... a little rest and all my ideas (but not my feet) to thank the whole team and applaud it with both hands (it's better!) :) A little more than 4 years ago, I had seen the first edition pass, the concept: original, little touched and yet so obvious: dancing WITH music, FOR music! I had spoken about me without being able to come ... for 3 years :( This year, I was able to experience this experience. And the qualifiers are numerous ... A human festival, just, adapted, that never goes out of its guideline. Teachers listening, benevolent, available. Volunteers motivated, smiling, involved. Groups invested, energetic, joyful ... Marjorie, Claire and the whole team .... A big congratulations. You stunned me, transported, animated. Continue like that !! Continue to spread and defend your vision of dance and its teaching.

    Sara, Paris
  • Dazzling ... Dazzling ...! I come back from this touched, upset, emotional, inspired, high-spirited ... And I come back next year ... And the next ... why? Because this weekend organized by the jam is totally different from all the other courses or swing lessons: instead of chaining the technique and the passes, one learns the essence of the lindy hop and one will never dance like it again ! Ouf ... For once we broke the codes, learned to feel, listening to all the subtleties of music, nuances, truths and false breaks and to connect first with the music, then by the look before really get into the dance with her partner! These three days teach you to let the body move naturally, as at the origin of the lindy, when the courts did not exist and where the least funny, the slightest error became a step of joyful and free dance! At the stage jam we learn the most important: to have fun, to laugh, to improvise, to invent what one dances at the moment ... I also realized how much I felt constrained by courses that are often too rigid and that can lock us up in an insipid technique. Thanks in particular to the course of improvisation theater, I burst on the first evening to chain movements inspired by African dance, mambo and a whole other palette of inventions that came to me at the moment: For the first time I discovered my own style ... What immense pleasure ... What a freedom! Thank you thank you ❤️❤️❤️ To conclude, the international atmosphere, relaxed and friendly encourages encounters, good times and laughter. This course changes EVERYTHING and so I have one year left to convince my swing swingers friends of the need to come and recharge with us next year

    Léon Loïc, Nancy
How's it going ?

A typical day at La Jam

La mise en situation d’écoute et le développement de sa musicalité se fait durant 3 jours à travers tous les cours. Bien plus qu’un atelier d’une ou deux heures pendant un stage classique, à la Jam c’est l’immersion totale qui permet le travail en profondeur et l’ancrage.


Chacun “construit” sa Jam en fonction de ses envies car les ateliers du matin sont multiples et vous devez en choisir 2 par matinée.

Seul l’atelier musique est insécable et sur l’inscription particulière puisque vous devez préciser l’instrument joué et votre niveau de pratique.