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Discover the talented artists who will make you dance, sing, move, and discover musicality

Lindy Dancers

Caroline Faivre

Dancer since then and then passionate about Lindy-hop and Blues and native of Grenoble. Caroline joined Cédric in Strasbourg where they live the swing scene. Both are committed to transmitting their ideas through a very progressive pedagogy, where the technique is approached precisely through movements combining basics, surprises, musicality and grace.


Cédric Clerc

A passionate dancer of Lindy-hop and Blues for many years but also a musician! Originally from Strasbourg where with Caroline they make live the scene swing. Both are committed to transmitting their ideas through a very progressive pedagogy, where the technique is approached precisely through movements combining basics, surprises, musicality and grace.


Claudia Fonte

Clàudia likes to explore in a fun way his Lindy Hop and his solo. She likes to create new movements inspired by all forms of dance and place them on a base of classical swing rhythms. His passion for dance remains true to the golden age of swing: pushing the limits of what is possible, while being anchored and motivated by swing music. This interplay between respect and root transformation gives him unique ways to interact and dance in a joyful way with his partners.


Maria Mallan

She has madly fallen in love with Lindy Hop and her devotion has become stronger through the years. What attracted her the most and still fascinates her in Swing dancing is the freedom this dance allows to the dancer, as much in the individual as in the partner dance, to find their own voice and ways of expression. Maria believes that each dance is vivid and full of life. Being present at the moment gives the opportunity and creates the ability to be open and flexible; to adapt to the music and to the partner at the same time and follow where that moment takes us.


Jean Philippe Delort

Dancer was considered for his energy, it is in 10 years when Jean-Philippe falls under the spell of the dance. He starts his career by the competition, what allows him to be called on international internships. He dedicates itself now to the social dance and enriched by conjugating the hip-hop and the Swing. He does not stop evolving through the learning of diverse dances. To participate in his courts, it is to take some pleasure in the discovery of music, to interpret him and to live the dance with passion quite freely.


Margaux Dours

After learnhing contemporary  dance and modern in various schools of Toulouse. She forms in swing and joins some troops.Curious to learn and to progress she dashes into Charleston and balboa with Anne Helene and Bernard CAVASA. She teaches now with Jean Philippe in several festivals.Dynamic and overflowing with energy she continues to form to improve ceaselessly her technique.


Solo and Tasters

Guylène Charmetant

Singing Taster

Philippe Desmoulins

Music Taster

Jean-Christophe Briant

Music Taster

Yannick Capmarty

Theatrical Improvisation Taster

Isabelle Dauzet

Tap Dance and Body Percussions Taster



Hot Swing Sextet

 The Hot Swing sextet invites you to go back in time for a trip into the frenetic atmosphere of jazz clubs of the 30s. Between Paris and Harlem, between Django Reinhardt and Duke Ellington, through Louis Armstrong, The Hot Swing Sextet organized for you, a trip “made to measure” direction: “Swing”. Embark with these six young musicians overflowing with energy. “Swing”, “swaying” and good mood are on the program of this great crossing of “middle-jazz”. And now it’s time to party, with the Hot Swing Sextet!
Guitare : Ludovic Langlade et Erwann Muller
Saxophone : Bertrand Tessier
Contrebasse : Franck Richard
Batterie : Jéricho Ballan
Trompet: Thibaud Bonté

Hop Sh’Bam

Trompette / Chant : Marie – Anne Standaert
Guitare :
Contre basse : Bas Gommeren
Batterie : Toon Van Dionant
Piano : Stijn Wauters

The Rhythm Outlines

More info to come…

Singing and guitar : Cédric Clerc
Saxophone : Pascal Kempf
Contrebasse : Vincent Bor
Drums : Martial Muller
Piano : Jean-luc Lamps



Alex a.k.a DJ Chaton, has combined since 2001 his love of music with his passion for swing dancing. Ever since he’s been on a quest for good music to dance to, caring little about trends and more about driving the dance floor with quality sounds. And when one bad sounding old gem is found, he is likely to proceed to its audio restoration because it would be a sin to forsake a wonderful piece just because the recording has aged badly !