At the heart of the experience


When dancers and musicians unite to teach you how to translate, to decode the nuances and variations of music to better interpret them. These classes in the afternoon will complement the lindy hop classes and musical workshops of the day.

One exemple (la Jam 2014)

La Jam 2018’s Edition

The program

The Rythm outlines

Rythm in all forms

The quintet that regularly accompanies Cédric and Caroline proposes a conference during which the different rhythms of the new-orleans to the swing will be dissected, the rhythmic accompaniment, the riffs …

The Swing Shouters

Structures, peaches, accents and breaks

This quintet with energy and generosity overflowing is no longer to present. They will propose a conference at the end of which the place of breaks, accents etc. in a piece will no longer have secrets for you.

Swing’n Joy


Ksénia and her husband David Duffy, accompanied by musicians in the morning music workshops, are leading this conference. They will show you the rules that follow the musicians in order to play together in Jam Cession and how the dancer can use it.

DJ Alex

DJing and musicality

What makes a tune good to dance to? Music is what we listen to, dance to, but seldom think about. Yet there are common traits in all tunes that make one want to dance. Come join Alex in an exploration of what makes and unmakes that urge to dance!
Misdirection & Mischief to drive dancers to new heights. The Swing DJ is usually considered as sorting through music and spinning the right one at the right time. While this is true, modern techniques have opened a few new paths. From music choice to cue-point juggling come see what you actually can do as a DJ to spice up your dancers’ experience !

Marjorie Moreau

Pedagogy and musicality

Why did Marjorie create La Jam five years ago and how does musicality be part of her Swingchap’s classes in Orléans.