At the heart of the experience


When dancers and musicians unite to teach you how to translate, to decode the nuances and variations of music to better interpret them. These classes in the afternoon will complement the lindy hop classes and musical workshops of the day.

One exemple (la Jam 2014)

La Jam 2019’s Edition

The program

Saturday 20th : The Rythm outlines

Breaks and riffs

The quintet that regularly accompanies Cédric and Caroline proposes a conference during which you will learn how ear, anticipate the breaks and train to ear the riffs …

Sunday 21th : Hot swing sextet

End of phrases and end of piece of music

This quintet will show you how they interact with each others and with the dancers to mark phrases and the end of the music.

Monday 22th : Hop Sh’Bam


They will show you the rules following by musicians and dancers to enter, dance and get out of a Jam.

DJ Alex

DJing and musicality

Friday 19th : How to associate music and swing dance?

Music, we listen to it, we dance but we do not always think about it and yet there are common points to all the pieces that make you want to dance. Come explore what makes and breaks the urge to dance!

Saturday 20th : Evolution of the swing in the 20th century.

Sunday 21th : Marjorie Moreau and Cédric Clerc

Pedagogy and musicality: a matter of leader AND follower

Why Marjorie created the Jam 5 years ago and how musicality is an integral part of her weekly classes at Swingchap in Orleans.

As for Cedric, he has long been involved in live music and musicality in his classes in Strasbourg and brings us his pedagogical vision and experience.