at the base of the festival

Musicality tasters


musical workshops are an integral part of the course. Much of the specificity of the Jam and the teaching you can receive is conveyed by these precise interventions and directly related to the theme of the festival.

Unlike other events, these are not “tasters” to make you want to, but classes as well as lindy courses.


Depending on your wish, you choose 1 to 2 musicality workshops each day, make your choice!

Some have limited places (like the music workshop, especially if you are a drummer or pianist), do not delay to register

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Our proposals


Come learn to play the standards of swing jam cession or big band version … come and discover the rhythmic subtleties and the keys of improvisation in swing with your instrument.

Philippe Desmoulins, tromboniste
Jean-christophe Briant, pianiste

Jazz Roots

Learn solo to master the rhythmic variations and footwork that will free your social dance in lindy hop, improvise by inspiring you with music. Two levels are proposed.

Claudia Fonte
Jean Philippe Delort


Use the voice to work rhythmic improvisation and understand the structure and organization of a piece of swing. Scat and collective practice will be there.

Stéphane Seva

Body Percussions

When the whole body becomes the instrument of your rhythmic variations.

Isabelle Dauzet

Theater Improvisation

Theater invites dancers to better understand the meeting between two partners and the music or how to use the techniques of theater to release his dance.

Yannick Capmarty


When the slow rhythms of the blues let you explore your creativity.

Caroline Faivre
Cédric Clerc


Discover the half brother of lindy hop and his devil rythm!

Claudia Fonte
Jean Philippe Delort

Tap Dance

The Star to improve your lindy with syncopations.

Isabelle Dauzet