13-16 May 2016

Orléans, FRANCE

téléchargement fab et lisa pat et nat 1

Nicolas Deniau et Mickaela Hellsten, Fabien Vrillon et Lisa Clarke, Patrick Szmidt et Natasha Ouimet

Join the facebook group here : facebook group : LA JAM or contact us by mail : registration@lajam.fr How to come to la jamhttp://lajam.fr/inscription/info/#hebergement

What is that Jam ?

It’s a unique French festival where the worlds of dance and music meet to understand and enjoy each other even more.


  You’ll find …

Dancing workshop with live music ! One musicality theme to work with, each day.

  • Dancing lessons: Charleston, jazz roots, lindy-hop, tap-dancing, drums, blues… Solo, or in couples, with talented and enthusiastic professors and LIVE MUSICIANS.

NEW! A singing workshop at La Jam, 15 places only! Can you scat?

Open whatever your level singing is!

  • The opportunity to discuss musical concepts around the blues scale, to work in Gospel choir, to learn solos and vocal swing techniques particulary scat. E hours available with the Singing pass or Dancing and Singing pass(inability to combine music and vocals). The course will be fenced by a small representation which will be held Sunday evening.

Gospel taster in 2014:

Music workshop for 20 musicians only : swing music course and battle of orchestra.

  • Music lessons: directed by professionnels musicians, come and learn how to play swing for dancers. Within Dixieland-like groups, you’ll work to get ready for the orchestra battle at the end of the session; and you’ll also work within big bands and with your set ion (rhythm, reed, horn).

Musicality classes

  • They take place before night with the musicians. They aim at completing the day lessons and learning to decipher the shades and variations of music to better play them.

Live parties and international master DJs.

  • Live music on the dancefloor for ALL PARTIES ! You will have the pleasure to dance on The Bolden Buddies and the Swing Shouters music! More details on “parties” page.

With many more surprises !

Book your stay right now for an unforgettable experience !